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Energy Efficiency Starts From the Top

Attic Insulation Keeps Your Home Consistently Comfortable All Year Long

When was the last time you thought about your attic insulation? If you’ve been making more frequent trips to the thermostat for temperature adjustments and have noticed your energy costs creeping upward, the culprit may be right above your head. Let the pros at PURE Energy Water & Air help with professional attic insulation installation service! We’re known throughout the Atlanta, Georgia metro area and the greater Huntsville, Alabama area for our detail-oriented craftsmanship and delivering the performance results our customers desire.

Our Attic Insulation

All-in-One Attic Insulation

Platinum Shield Thermal Protection Systems

The Platinum Shield Thermal Protection System is a multi-part barrier that blends the benefits of batt and roll, blown-in cellulose, and radiant barrier insulation. Essentially, it’s a thermal barrier, radiant barrier, vapor barrier, and sound barrier combined into a unified system that insulates and protects your attic like no other.

Protecting Your Investment

Perks of Our Attic Insulation Service

A Platinum Shield Thermal Protection System is a great investment for your home or business, and we’ll also protect your system with a limited lifetime warranty. Plus, get a 25% savings guarantee for up to $500 per year.


Why Choose Us?

See what our customers in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida have had to say about the experience of working with PURE Energy Water & Air:

Emergency Services

When something breaks, you don’t want to wait to have it fixed. PURE Energy Water & Air offers 24/7 emergency services for all our products and even those that we didn’t install.

Attention to Detail

Solving an energy problem isn’t limited to just one area of a home. That’s why we specialize in whole-home solutions for energy efficiency with proven results.

Esteemed Partners

PURE Energy Water & Air is proud to be a partner of Florida Energy Water & Air, one of the largest, longest-serving, and most reputable contractors in the Southeast.

Premium Products

We are an authorized distributor of products from some of the industry’s top manufacturers, including RainSoft, Rheem, Erie, SunMiser, and Solene.
Increasing Energy Efficiency

Why Your Attic Insulation Matters

Did you know that roughly 25% of a home’s energy is lost through the attic? That’s because there are so many tiny cracks, holes, and gaps through which air can enter or escape if your attic insulation isn’t up to par. This means your HVAC system has to work harder than it should in order to keep your home or business comfortable. By sealing up these voids to trap air where it needs to be, attic insulation regulates the temperature in that area—which ends up affecting the rest of the building. It can extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, lower your monthly energy bills, and provide protection from damaging moisture and heat.

Customer Reviews

See what our customers in Georgia and Alabama have had to say about the experience of working with PURE Energy Water & Air:

“We had our filters installed and noticed a big difference right away. Our water taste so much better! The team who came to my home were very polite and extremely helpful and informative. I recommend you giving them a call, you will not regret it!”

Lori H.

“Justin installed my under the sink system. I am extremely pleased with his work. I was highly impressed with the strategic way in which he placed the system to ensure optimum space was still available under the sink. Justin was on time, professional, knowledgeable, and more. Thank you Justin.”

Lois J.

“Thanks so much to John Humphries for servicing our water treatment system. He patiently explained everything that was going on and answered all my questions. I even took the advantage to signed up for the Platinum service club membership to save money on maintenance.”

Arlene B.
The Home Depot
Energy Star

Rheem Pro Partner